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Eric's Guitar Shop provides great service at reasonable prices. From guitar restringing and neck fabrication to headstock repair and guitar refretting, my shop does it all. Please take a few minutes to review the price list.




Deoxidize frets. Clean wax and oil fretboard. Clean guitar, restring and tune to pitch. - $28

Minimum Bench Charge

Does Not Apply To Restring -$78


Adjust and tighten all hardware. Deoxidize frets, wax and oil fretboard. Slot and lubricate string nut. Adjust truss rod. Check bracing (if applicable). Set action and intonation. Clean and adjust all electronics. - $78

Level & Recrown Frets

Level frets to remove all wear or uneven areas. Recrown/reshape frets. Sand and buff. $110 Add Setup for $68

Tempered Tuning System

Buzz Feiten Tuning System

  • $225- Acoustic
  • $145- Electric
  • Earvana Tempered Tuning System - $98



Remove distressed frets. Resurface fingerboard. Seat fret size of your choice, dress, and recrown.

Without Binding

With Binding With Setup Stainless Steel 
-$210 -$225 -Add $68 -Add $60
Mill and Polish

Electronic Malfunction

Evaluate and rewire as needed. Price varies depending on issue. Typical price is $78.00.

Rewind Pickup Coils

Strip and rewind bobbin. Reassemble coil and wax. Reinstall pickup and wire.
$85 per Coil

Broken Headstock

Caul, clamp, and epoxy/glue into place. Clean up joint and buff area.
Starting at $145

Cracked Body

Realign break or separation. Glue and cleat as needed. Clean up and buff joint. 
Starting at $85

Loose or Broken Brace

Realign, glue, and clamp as needed.


Fabricate String Nut

Shape, space, and slot bone, graphite or brass. Trim and buff.

Bone or Graphite






Install Hardware

Locate and install pegs, bridge, neck, etc.
Starting at - $78

Install and wire pickups

Install and wire up to 3 pickups (phase if necessary). Reassemble. -$78


Strip down if necessary and rewire all electronic components.

  • Passive - $98
  • Active - $115

Custom Wiring Available

Custom Milling

Mill cavities for electronics or hardware. Reshape or contour instrument as discussed. Starting at - $78

Brent and Eric

About Pricing

All prices listed are for quotation purposes only. Prices may change upon review of the instrument and do not include any additional parts that may be necessary. All costs are approved by the client before the job is started. Other repair and modification services are available, so please ask.

Walk-ins are always welcome. The turnaround time depends on the size of the job, but is normally between 2 and 10 days. All work is guaranteed, and follow-up adjustments are included as/if needed with any repair or adjustment. Next/Same day priority service is available for an additional 20% on the labor charge. Individual pricing may not apply if the scope of the job requires multiple repairs.

In addition to guitar repair, we sell black short-sleeve T-shirts with the company name in white on the front of the shirt. Shirts are available in adult sizes for $18; contact us for more details. Thank you for your patronage!


Eric's Guitar Shop is an authorized repair shop for the following brands:

  • Fender
  • Guild
  • Ibanez
  • Jackson
  • Ovation
  • Tacoma
  • Takamine
  • Taylor
  • Washburn


Fabrication of Necks, Bodies, and Pickguards

Custom build to client's specifications. Prices Vary - Please Inquire